Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics of the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical discourse» is based on the ethical principles that are generally accepted in the leading scientific community of Ukraine and the world. In particular, in this aspect, the Editorial Board of the Journal is guided by the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), regulatory documents, national and international practices.

The Editorial Board bears responsibility for the issue of the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical discourse».

In order the submitted manuscript to be published in the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical discourse» it shall be original (never published) of theoretical or/and experimental character on the currently topical problems of Pedagogics, Didactics, History of Pedagogics, History of Educational Process and School Management, Teaching Methods, Upbringing and Development, Career Guidance for students in educational and extracurricular institutions, Comparative Pedagogics, Social Pedagogy, Pedagogy of Postgraduate Education, Lifelong Education, Education Management etc. The manuscript shall resolve a certain problem in the field to which the article is devoted to, have scientific novelty and be of theoretical and practical value.

As an exception, if the author intends to submit for consideration by the Editorial Board previously published materials, he or she shall submit a preliminary publication and justify the publication of a new article (which shall have not less than 75 % of the new material), indicating what changes have been made compared with the previous version of the article.

All copyrighted materials are the subject of independent and closed examination without disclosing the contact details of the reviewers to the authors of the materials. The procedure of reviewing of articles is required in the form of double blind peer review where the reviewer doesn’t know the author, and the author – reviewer. The review is to be written by either one of the members of the Editorial Board or by the external reviewer appointed by the Editor-in-Chief, and is to be presented in the Form for the Reviewer.

The Editorial Board evaluates submitted manuscripts without regard to race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, citizenship, sexual orientation, status or place of employment of the author (s). The Editorial Board makes just and fair decisions, regardless of commercial or any other interests, and provides a fair process of reviewing.

The Editorial Board may reject submitted articles if they consider the manuscript to be inappropriate for the journal and outside its sections; if the manuscript is of no theoretical and practical value; includes the elements of plagiarism, compilation, falsification and fabrication of data; the article has glaring errors etc.

The Editorial Board is entitled to retract the published article on condition of copyright violation and scientific misconduct. The Editorial Board informs the author(s) and affiliated organization about the fact of article retraction. This fact is obligatory stated on the website of the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical discourse» and in the forthcoming issue of journal that follows the detection of the fact causing retraction.

All articles submitted to the editorial board of the collection of scientific papers  «Pedagogical Discourse» are checked for the academic plagiarism detection using computer systems. The articles that have signs of plagiarism or patchwork plagiarism are rejected.

The author/authors of the article for the publication in the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» must submit a completed form The author's agreement on materials publication. If the editorial board takes a decision to reject the article, the aforementioned agreement is annulled with the loss of legal force.

When publishing the materials in the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» the author/authors make available for free and non-exclusive use by the editors of the materials preserving only copyright on the manuscript without time limitation of such use. (License CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

By the fact of materials publishing in the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» the author/authors allow the editorial board to post materials on the Internet and provide a right of access to these materials to users regardless of their place of residence.

The editorial board of the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» reserves the right to distribute in electronic or paper copies a collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» and/or other information prepared by the editorial board, all or only individual articles or their fragments that have already been published without notification of these actions of the authors of articles with the preservation of their copyright in accordance with the laws of Ukraine “On Information” and “On Scientific and Technical Information”.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights" the author/authors preserve all non-proprietary rights to the work. The Editorial Board of the collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights" carries out the transfer of a copy of a work to libraries and archives of Ukraine and other countries, whose activities are not directed directly or indirectly for gaining of profit, under conditions of use of the received materials from the editorial board in educational activities with preservation of the authorship. The materials transfer is carried out with the principles of open and free access to the transmitted materials (open access).

The accepted articles after the publication of a collection of scientific papers «Pedagogical Discourse» are posted on the Internet: