Formation of Performing Style in the Context of Piano Preparation of Music Teacher

  • Maryna Yarova Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy
  • Valentyn Vovk Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy
Keywords: music-pedagogical preparation, instrumental-performing preparation, style, future music teacher


Specific character of music-style phenomenon has been studied in the article, the essence of the notion “performing style» or “loyalty to the style» has been revealed. Specificity of forming music-style conceptions of students of music-pedagogical faculties has been theoretically grounded. That is why, first of all, the teacher should feel and understand the style of the composer for the reliable interpretation of music, he or she should find for it verbal equivalent, in order to help the student to reproduce the style of the performing composition. Thereby formation of the future music teachers the experience of interpretation of music compositions on the basis of the style approach, which is carried out most productive under the conditions of instrumental (in particular piano) preparation of teachers, has become more and more current.


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Author Biographies

Maryna Yarova, Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy

assistant professor of the department of theory and techniques of the music art, Candidate of pedagogics, assistant professor

Valentyn Vovk, Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy

head of the department of pedagogics and psychology, Candidate of psychology, assistant professor


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